Taking in the blood dripping from his

To vibrate and hum, before penetrating pain shot through my body, paralyzing me. One of the soldiers had the device that activated instagram the Vandelrizi torture device. I screamed in frustration and agony as my body hit the sand. My arms and legs convulsed while my back arched and I felt the numbness setting in. A few more moments of this and I wouldn't be able to use my arms and legs for hours. Think you can run away from me, princess? Benson towered over me with the hated black device snugly in his hand. His lips twitched sadistically as he watched my body spasm and contorts in pain. He took immense pleasure in my suffering. He let go off the button and the pain lessened leaving me too weak to move. He grabbed the back of my shirt in his fist and dragged me back to the truck. All around us I could hear shouts and gunfire, but Benson looked totally unaware that the soldiers were busy fighting a full out war against their attackers. His only focus was me. He dropped me at the truck, removing his gun from the holster on his hip and pressed the tip of the buy instagram followers barrel against my buy instagram followers skull. I think I'll finish it now. Why wait for a trial? Let's have some fun now. He smirked viciously at me and his finger curled around the trigger. Why do you hate me so much? I managed to croak. He glared at me, his grey eyes filled with hatred. You disgust me. You are like vermin infesting this planet with your humanity. We're superior to you. I gulped. He actually thought in his warped mind he was one of the Vandelrizi. He didn't see himself as human anymore. He was even more deluded than I realized. Did they brainwash him? You're human! Don't you get it? The Vandelrizi are going to kill us all – you included. The look he gave me told me I was wasting my breath on arguing with him. His eyes shone with insanity. I braced myself as I waited for him to pull the trigger. At least it would be quick and I would be spared from a slow and painful death at the hands of the Vandelrizi. One moment Benson was next to me and the next he was ripped from his feet yahoo in buy instagram followers a flash of lightning. A second later his body smacked next to buy instagram followers me in buy instagram followers the sand with his open eyes staring lifelessly instagram at me. His head was bent at an unnatural angle, his neck was broken. The scream that erupted from my mouth sounded more like a broken howl. Chai, dressed all in black, stood a few feet away from us. His legs were spread wide in the sand with his fists balled at his side. His face was like granite, cold and unyielding as he glared at Benson's lifeless body. I've never seen so much anger compacted in one body. I didn't know if I was looking at an angel or a devil. A soldier jumped him from behind and curled an arm around his neck, trying to choke him, but Chai reached behind him with one arm and threw the guard straight over the truck as if he weighed nothing. The soldier hit the sand with a thump on the other side and groaned. Two more Palasium soldiers circled Chai and he moved unbelievably fast, sidestepping the first and plunged a knife in the second guard's chest. The soldier's jaw went slack and blood trickled from his lips before toppling over face first